Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HealthNet connect|BroadNet connect Business Update

HealthNet connect|BroadNet connect Business Update

With a message from Rodney Brown, Executive Director

Executive Message

Health care organizations, businesses, schools and government entities demand great technology, value added services and exceptional support. HealthNet connect|BroadNet connect are committed to all three. we will use this update to give a high-level overview of some of our business development and technology initiatives.

HealthNet connect|BroadNet connect offer significant value to our participants and clients

When I originally laid out my vision for HNc|BNc in 2012, I talked about how we would develop and grow the business by executing on a set of business strategies. Within those business strategies I detailed areas of execution necessary to create a successful ongoing entity. The strategies covered things such as; the markets we would serve, how we would sale our services and our marketing efforts, what personnel we would hire and how we would strategically align with our parent company…UnityPoint Health.

Another one of our strategies was related to the products/services we would offer to our members and clients. We have developed and are offering a robust set of services for our rural and community network hospitals/clinics and small/medium businesses, built upon our fiber optic network and data center infrastructure. We've categorized these services three lines of business:

Communication Services
Network Services
              -Broadband Internet
              -Transport bandwidth
Hosted VoIP / Unified Communications*
Telehealth Services - This will launch in the first quarter of 2014
             -Application Infrastructure
             -Program, processes, education and training
IT Services
Data Center (Cloud) Services
             -Server Virtualization
             -Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
             -Application Virtualization
Managed Services
Remote Support
             -Network support - Firewall, Routers and Switches
             -IT Infrastructure support - Servers, Desktops and Applications
             -End to End support - Handling the entire Network and IT infrastructure

We offer our hosted VoIP and Unified Communications products through our Cisco and Microsoft partners. We are also an official Tech Data reseller giving us access to their entire catalogue of IT hardware and software products and services.

There is no other company in the region that can offer this type of portfolio under one roof, with their own infrastructure and at the competitive prices we give our clients and participants.We will continue to research, evaluate and add the most leading edge communications and IT services to our portfolio.

I am proud to say that we are living our vision and very successfully executing on all of our business strategies.

Why Virtualize Your Environment?

A simple definition of virtualization is it takes a physical IT computing environment and "virtualizes" that environment in another location, preferably a secure data center, thus eliminating the need to manage desktops, servers and applications on premise.

The benefits for rural hospitals, clinics, schools, cities and small/medium businesses are plentiful. Good IT resources are scarce and can be very costly. As applications and devices running those applications continue to evolve, even the savviest IT person struggles to keep up. Virtualization helps eliminate the day to day management of desktops, servers and applications. The IT focus can shift to monitoring and balancing workloads versus installing software, building storage rooms or refreshing desktops.
Life cycle management is another benefit of virtualization as refresh cycles for servers and desktops are eliminated or considerably lengthened. Support is also streamlined since the environment can now be monitored and supported remotely. It reduces the need and cost associated with multiple onsite support personnel to install and replace hardware or install and update software applications.

Virtualization offers organizations the promise of significant time and cost savings, increased productivity and more effective and scalable support. Current servers and desktops are better utilized, old machines can be retired, floor and room space is freed up and software applications are streamlined.

HealthNet connect Telehealth Update

Telemental Health

Telemental health is one of the most active telemedicine applications rendered in the United States. Telemental health is an intentionally broad term referring to the provision of mental health and substance abuse services from a distance. Mental health is particularly suited to the use of advanced communication technologies and the Internet for delivery of care. By using advanced communication technologies, mental health professionals are able to widen their reach to patients in a cost-effective manner.

Leveraging the very good work being done in some of our regions, the HealthNet connect Telepsych pilot will look to scale those processes. By combining processes and pooling resources, layered on a common technical infrastructure we believe we can establish an effective Telepsych model that can expand throughout the region and into other specialties.

In early 2014 we will begin a pilot within the ED’s of some of our participant hospitals. There are a ton of administrative, clinical, financial and IT pieces that need to be put together but we are we on our way to establishing a robust Telemental Health program.

For additional information, please visit www.healthnetconnect.org.

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