Monday, December 24, 2012

HealthNet connect, HNc Services & BroadNet connect transforming healthcare and business

HealthNet connect, LC (HNc), established in 2007, HNc Services Inc. established in 2009 and BroadNet connect (BNc), together offer tremendous opportunities to improve efficiency and lower costs by providing high speed connections and utilizing technology to facilitate the interoperability and information-sharing among entities including, but not limited to; health care providers, business organizations, education and local government.
This electronic network has been built upon a robust, highly secure fiber optic network running through the state of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado with the ability to extend through the mid-west and beyond. The leadership of HNc, HNc Services and BNc are experienced executives with backgrounds in information technology healthcare and Fortune 100 technology and telecommunication companies. The companies have very experienced Board of Directors led by hospital, business and technology executives. The foundation is in place to catapult HNc, HNc Services and BNc into an integral tool in the delivery of enhanced healthcare and business related technology services.
Today HNc and BNc are connecting well over 100 hospitals, businesses, education and local government entities.
HealthNet connect and BroadNet connect provides a comprehensive set of value added technology services that will specifically cater to the healthcare, business, education and local government markets.
Their advantage is based on the fact that the core of their network was built for secure and robust delivery of healthcare information. The level of security and data protection required to run a large healthcare entity could effectively be used to run business, education and local government entities while providing the same level of security and protection. Additionally, they provide a level of support that is unmatched in any industry.
They have greater price flexibility as they are not competing on a large scale and are not interested in becoming a telecommunications company.

Rodney Brown

Mr Brown brings over 20 years of experience building and leading Sales, Operations and Service organizations in technology and healthcare. He is an Executive Director at UnityPoint Health leading the following subsidiaries: HealthNet connect, LC; a health care IT services affiliate with 100 hospitals, clinics and vendors connected to its private fiber optic network. HNc Services Inc. and BroadNet connect; delivering communications and IT services over its private fiber optic network, to healthcare, business, education and government entities.

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